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President Mandel Shares Ray-Ban Ad on Facebook

Late on Wednesday night, President Maud Mandel shared what appeared to be a counterfeit Ray-Ban ad on Facebook. Tagged names included Dean Marlene Sandstrom, Tiku Majumder, Brown University, and Colonel Ephraim Williams.

College students, faculty, and staff who saw the post were particularly concerned that President Mandel tagged Ephraim Williams. “Does she think he’s still alive?” asked Mathematics Professor Colin Adams. “The College was founded in 1793. So even if he was only one year old when he donated the money to start it, that means he’d be like...226 years old, which is impossible.”

Others on campus raised concerns that President Mandel fell for such a blatant scam. “Ray-Bans on sale for $19.99 is essentially the Nigerian Prince Scam of our generation. I mean, like, come on,” said Senior Kathryn Morris. “Plus, why was she even on Facebook at three in the morning. Isn’t she supposed to be running the College?”

Asked to comment, President Mandel just laughed. “Oh, silly old Maud,” she said. “Always falling for those techy tricks! That’s why I usually stick to MySpace.”


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