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College Must Investigate if Students are Selling Hard Drugs and Whether They'd Sell Some to Us

The College’s refusal to look into the possibility of drug dealers on campus is irresponsible, dangerous, and, frankly, irresponsible. In an ever-changing world, the prospect of new and trendy designer drugs infiltrating our campus is at an all time-high, and, frankly, Williams students ought to know if they’re being sold here (for safety reasons, of course).

The Haystack formally demands that the College devote its full attention to this (potential) hard drug epidemic on campus and provide the student body with all relevant info about the situation, including but not limited to, a list of the available drugs and an explanation of how an everyday student––say, a writer for the critically acclaimed publication, The Haystack––might get their hands on some of that sweet sweet stuff.

At first glance, it might seem like there aren’t any hard drugs on campus. It might seem like, if you wanted to get some, you would have absolutely no idea where to look. Like you might get so fed up in your search for hard drugs on this campus that you would, in a fit of non-drug-induced rage, throw an entire pasta bowl at your podmate’s wall. However, they definitely are out there. I mean, how else is it that everyone else in your building is constantly having a good time without you? The only logical answer is that there’s some secret stash of illicit drugs out there that everyone but you has constant access to.

Insofar as the College fails to identify these troublemakers and give out their relevant information to all students, we, as students of Williams, nay we, as steadfast participants in the liberal arts, are not safe. The College needs to figure out every last detail about these criminals: how many people are involved? Who are they? What are their phone numbers? What is a good time to text them? How much are they selling this stuff for? Are there discounts if you buy in bulk or, say, if you’re in one of the dealers’ stats classes?

We need to take these dealers seriously because they pose a real threat. Get them in a room and make them talk. Ask the real questions. We need to know where they’re getting the stuff from, and how many students they’re selling to. We need to know whether they seem like remorseless criminals, or whether they seem like pretty normal kids who’d be super chill about a text from a stranger out of the blue asking if they were looking for more customers.

The College has gone to great lengths this year to protect us from COVID-19, but the lack of transparency, in regards to their investigations surrounding the trading of The Cocaine among other things, leaves us all in danger, and, frankly, confused. If the College can test us all twice a week for COVID, I know they can figure out a way to check in with every student twice a week to see if they have any drugs that, hypothetically, someone like myself could buy.

We at the Haystack are committed to backing up our words with actions. We would be more than willing to aid in these sorts of investigations, specifically in regards to testing whether these substances are real and as good as everyone else says they are.


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