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Burnt Sugar, Butter, Dijon Mustard, Pipe Cleaners, Asian Style Sesame Wings In A Chicken Snack Grab,

’82 Grill announced their new special this week, a gluten free pizza crust robust inspired creamy red sauce with garlic steak sammy pureé, dehydrated, deep fried in peanut oil and maple drizzly, marinated on cheeseburger soup, glazed in pesto cream sauce and three lemon zests, topped with barbecue jackfruit, BYO kosher deli sandwich, a fatty BEC, pickles, mustard, ketchup, mustard, one dill pickle, burnt sugar, butter, dijon mustard, pipe cleaners, asian style sesame wings in a chicken snack grab, 8 miso churro ice cweam sándwiches, gamelgard skyr in old container, paint (swipe or ephpoints?), applesauce, apple cider donut that’s been to the top of mount greylock, a sproot samosa (vegan), ice, spice, iced spiced munkins (the drink), a wet penny, a pea, fried on at flat top, put into the pizza oven upside down (the pizza oven is up dizzy) the turn then turned on it’s left side, wrapped in lettuce put in smaller pizza oven (pizzy oven) put inside the og pizza oven and gently caressed for 2 minutes, followed by hot sand piped into the crust (for our classic stuffed crust), walked sixteen paces to eco cafe, where it will be met by a man in a trenchcoat with a briefcase and it will open the briefcase with its small pickle hand (dill) and find a single mochi (miso churro) humbly placed on a honey bun, the ocky way, served with chips or celery and carrot.

A survey conducted by the haybale found that 6 out of 7 respondents were satisfied with their meal.


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