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Breaking: Your Mom Loves The Crown, Thinks You Could Really Learn Something From It

Recently your mom reached out to Haystack reporters to let them know how good she thinks this season of The Crown is. Obviously, she’s been watching since the show first came out in 2015, or was it 2016? Someone look that up. Anyway, The Crown is a really good show.

When we asked your mom what specifically she liked about the show, she said, “you should watch it with me.” When we asked her to elaborate on why she liked watching it, she said “I think you should see it so you know what happened to Lady Di.”

When we told your mom that we actually already knew what happened to Princess Diana, she said, “Prove it,” but when we tried to tell her, she went “No spoilers! No spoilers!” and left the room.

Other than the parts about Lady Di, your mom also loves the scenery and wants to know if you know what style of architecture that is from that time you took art history. She was pretty astounded that you didn’t know, and wanted to know if we knew. When we told her we didn’t, she said, “I guess they’re not teaching you kids the classical stuff anymore.” She then took a sip from her glass of red wine.

Your mom doesn’t just watch it for the drama; She also thinks the history is so important. And also that the costumes are elegant. Do we think she could pull off that one wedding dress? We must know the one she’s talking about. From the second season? Before we could answer, she said “nevermind, don’t answer that.”

You told your grandma that you might major in history that one time, so you would like watching it, according to Haystack reporting substantiated by your mother. It’s like a documentary, but more fun.

Apparently, one time you fell asleep during that episode she tried to show you. Which was ridiculous according to her, because that was the action-packed episode where “they sent him off to that boarding school.” When we inquired who sent whom off to the boarding school, your mom said, “I don’t know, one of the sons. It’s a very good boarding school. All the boys in the family get sent there.”

Her favorite actress is “the one with the curly hair, the one from that other show you like. She’s old? Kind of? She was married to that guy, the cute one. From that thing. You know what I’m talking about.” When we asked her if she could remember anything else about the actress, your mom ignored the question completely and started talking about how she was in a play in high school. “I was Dorothy,” she said. “I was very good.” Then, at 9:30, she said she was going to bed and was too tired to keep talking about this, even though she was the one who asked to talk to us.


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