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Roommates Determined To Tuck Each Other In Caught In Endless Cycle, Haven’t Slept In Days

Last Wednesday, Junior Advisor Trey Pepper, responded to a wellness check on two of his frosh, after hearing reports of “really confusing” behavior. Sarah Gooey ’26, who lives below their third floor double in Willy E, reportedly called her JA after hearing constant thudding above her, and muffled exchanges of “no, YOU sleep tight!”

Pepper, upon knocking on their door at about 5 in the morning, found Joshua Brick ’26 and Eli Hundo, ’26 first year roommates, and best buddies, on what we found to be their five hundredth round of Rock Paper Scissors. The boys were exhausted, delirious, and above all wanted the other to have a great night’s sleep before their big day. Unfortunately, the debate of which roommate would tuck the other into bed has been ongoing for days. Conflict began on the night before the first day of classes.

“I went to tuck Eli in, but once he got all snuggled in, he realized that there was nobody to tuck me in,” Joshua told the Haybale.

“So I did what was right. I got out of bed and I tucked my buddy in,” Eli interjected.

“But I wasn’t having any of that, Eli was going to be snug as a bug in a rug, if I had anything to say about it. So I did what was right. I climbed down the ladder, got out of bed and I tucked my buddy in, and then I climbed back up the ladder.” Joshua told us.

“But then the problem was, see, that Joshua was all out of sorts up there. And I couldn’t have that. So I climbed up the ladder, and made sure the covers went allll the way up to my guys chin. And then I climbed back down the ladder.”

They made it clear that this cycle continued all night, neither student getting a wink of sleep out of care for the other, and both scrambling up and down a bunk bed ladder they were both too tall for. The conflict paused at 8:23AM, when Joshua had to attend his first class of the year. “I called a cease-fire, and that night, it began again.” Joshua recounted.

“In the time Josh was in class, I came up with an idea, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Best two out of three. Fair and Square.” said Eli.

Unfortunately, this didn’t settle things for the pair, because the two friends kept tying. We spoke again with their JA Trey Pepper who saw it in action.

“Yeah I mean I watched them play like, 200 rounds of rock paper scissors. They both picked paper, literally every single round. It was sort of surreal.”

The two roommates made sure to let us know that the conflict was a labor of love. “I love Eli,” Joshua told the Haybale. “He’s my best friend. We just get each other, you know? So I’m not gonna sleep until I know my guy is set up to get a good night of rest.”

Eli expressed similar sentiments. “I love Joshua,” said Eli. “He’s my best friend. We just get each other, you know? So I’m not gonna sleep until I know my guy is set up to get a good night of rest.”

Pepper ultimately resolved the situation by tucking both of them in, and leaving the door open just a little bit.


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