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President Mandel to Address Perception as a “Distant” President by Living in a Double in Brooks

Now over a year into her tenure as President of Williams College, Maud Mandel has proved that she is a competent and effective leader. Less successful, however, have been her efforts to establish herself as a socially engaged member of the Williams community. That’s why President Mandel will further integrate herself into student life by moving into a double in Brooks House.

On Wednesday afternoon, President Mandel was seen at the Walmart in North Adams purchasing a shower caddy, a family-sized bag of nacho cheese Doritos, a plastic folding table, and a “SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS” flag. The official move-in would be Sunday evening, followed by a celebratory pregame in Brooks basement.

Samantha Collins ‘22, the student with whom President Mandel will be living, has expressed tempered enthusiasm at the prospect of living with the President. “At first I was a little creeped out that she just picked into a double with me without saying anything,” Collins told Haystack reporters, “but it seems like she’ll be a dope roommate. She said it’s ‘totally chill if I ever need the room for the night.’” Out the window President Mandel could be seen retrieving a flatscreen TV and PlayStation from her car.

On Friday evening, Todd James ‘20, who also lives in Brooks, encountered President Mandel in the basement with Dean Dave, Scott Lewis, and Marlene Sandstrom, playing a game of beer pong that did not appear to be their first of the night. The President was eager to include James in the festivities, stepping over the White Claw cans strewn across the basement floor to tell him that he could “totally get next game,” and that he “should definitely bring people.” She then excitedly introduced him to her friends, saying, “ya these guys don’t live here but you’ll be seeing a lot of them. They’re super chill.”

In an exclusive interview with The Haystack, President Mandel expressed shock at allegations that her living in a dorm was just a publicity stunt. “They think I’m just here for the social clout?” she asked, while struggling to open a package of mint Juul pods. “Trust me, I’m not here to prove anything. Everybody already knows I love to hang.”

The President then picked up her to-go box of nachos and turned to leave. “If you need me, I’ll be in the croom.”


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