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Haystack Food Review: Taco Tuesday Solved Racism


The Haystack is pleased to announce that we will be beginning our highly-anticipated and much-discussed food review series. To kick everything off we’re excited to discuss the venerable Taco Tuesday. Aside from being—literally—the best thing any of us at The Haystack have ever put in our mouths,  Paresky’s Tuesday-night dinner has managed to bridge every single racial and socioeconomic divide at this school. For example, last week (when the guacamole was extra spicy), Dylan, one of my Caucasian friends,  said that he liked Taco Tuesday, and that it was “pretty solid I guess.” Now, Dylan has a “Not Me, Us” sticker on his Macbook Pro.

Still not convinced? Let’s run through the menu. At the grill station, the wonderful servers have delectable fried fish, a true staple of Mexico City’s calles. Since the lacrosse season is starting soon, and I’m trying to eat a little healthier, I opt for the make-your-own tacos: one soft shell with chicken, one hard shell with beef, and one soft shell with a little bit of both. And don’t get me started on the fiesta rice – let me tell you, the flavors really ARE having a party in my mouth! After I toss on some queso and dance a little salsa, I’m all set. I love to top off my Taco Tuesday with some of that fruity drink in the punch bowl (abuela’s secret recipe?).

In conclusion: aside from being the best and most authentic meal of all time, Taco Tuesday has fixed racism. Students at other institutions should fight hard for what is right and make sure their dining halls also implement weekly themed dinners. Make sure to tune in next week when we discuss Mission’s famous Stove Top Stuffing and how it ended the wage gap!


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