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During Especially Nice Day, Cool Prof Agrees to Have Class on Acid

This past Friday, the Philosophy department’s resident “cool professor” Noah Samuelson decided to indulge in a wholesome, age-old tradition: holding class on acid. He and his class on neuroethics – a topic Samuelson describes as “pretty heady”– shared a combined .002 grams of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, commonly known as LSD, as Samuelson held forth on topics varying from the time-travel inconsistencies of the Terminator films to the way a nearby squirrel was “totally occupying the same mindspace” as the group. The period began as many Williams classes do on beautiful days, to half-joking calls of, “can we have class high?”

“None of us really expected Samuelson to go along with it – I mean, you can’t just go into nature and get totally tripped out every time the temperature hits 72,” said philosophy major Daniel Song ‘21. “Still, it was pretty great to feel the breeze on our faces as Samuelson had us hold hands and sing the songs of the universe.”

Samuelson, for his part, was understanding of students who would rather stay inside and work. “Any of you who’d prefer to focus on the material are free to stay inside and abstain from experiencing the cosmic bliss that comes from consuming psychedelics, you fucking narcs” clarified Samuelson.

The consumption of acid, mushrooms, and, more recently, DMT, has been a staple of fair weather in schools since the mid-60s, and it appears to be a tradition that won’t be disappearing anytime soon–as long as professors as bonkers chill as Sandstrom are still down to get mad faced on the quad with fifteen 18-to-20-year-olds every once in a while.


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