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1 in 2000: Only Student Who Finally Had Everything Figured Out

While worldwide the worldwide chaos of an unprecedented pandemic has been stressful and disruptive for many, one student in particular has had to deal with the added disruption of being sent home from Williams just as she––and only she––was just figuring everything out and set for an amazing second half of the spring semester.

“It’s just so annoying,” said Becca Longstand ‘21, clenching her fists but also smiling a little so we knew she wasn’t, like, crazy mad. “Everything was finally coming together for me. My boyfriend had just made the decision to stop cheating on me and emotionally invest, my English professor told me that he found my idea for my next paper to ‘have potential’, and had just figured out my ideal Taco Tuesday order!”

Past semesters at Williams have had their ups and downs for Longstand, who “really [loves] it here but didn’t quite meet the right people freshman year, or really have the right approach academically sophomore year, or really enjoy [herself] in any way at all this fall,” but was definitely going to be really successful and happy during April and May. For some reason.

Longstand cited a new study schedule (which was definitely going to work), a few new friends, and some fun outdoor traditions with her field hockey team as reasons she knew the spring was set to be a whole new world for her. Longstand also happened to be the only Williams student who was excited for the warmer weather in the coming months.

After finishing her time at Williams with four consecutive days of exclusively parties and heartfelt goodbyes, Longstand “couldn’t help but feel like [she] actually had something kind of special here.” She then added that “if the spring was going to be anything like that completely unprecedented and irreplicable four-day run that only happened because of the most disruptive historical event of our lifetime, I think it was going to be pretty great for me.”


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