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Rich Friend's Mom Describes 300-Dollar Dining Experience At Williams Inn As "Charming"

On Friday night, you received the great honor of being invited to dinner with your friend, Connor Goldspoon ‘23, and his parents, who were able to reach Williamstown before dinner time because they had been at “the Connecticut house” for the past few days. Upon meeting you at the end of Spring Street, Mrs. Goldspoon suggested that the group “just go eat at that little restaurant they have in the inn.”

“You know, it’s nice here, they’ve really done the best they can with it,” Mrs. Goldspoon loudly remarked as you took a blissful bite of the first fully cooked piece of meat you’d had in weeks. In general, Mrs. Goldspoon was pleased with her meal. “This place is really sweet,” she said, taking her first sip from a 29-dollar glass of wine. “It’s nice that they have this right here next to campus. Connor, do you eat lunch here a lot?”

Part of Mrs. Goldspoon’s satisfaction with the meal may have stemmed from her choice to order every single appetizer on the menu and take one bite from each one. “This stuff is all just really fun,” she said through a mouthful of a truffle caviar-stuffed portobello. “Here, does anyone want the rest of this?”

Beyond the Inn, the Goldspoons have found almost every aspect of their son’s college education quite adorable. “The other day in his economics class, they were teaching him about ‘inequality,’” said Mr. Goldspoon. “I think that’s important. That’s always a nice little thought experiment!”

The Goldspoons lit up with interest upon finding out you had attended a public high school. “You know, I really think that builds character,” Mrs. Goldspoon said, frowning and touching your arm sympathetically. “We thought about sending Connor there, but then we, um, we didn’t. Because, um, because we didn’t.”

Before leaving the restaurant, the Goldspoons made sure to ask if you’d like eight or nine extra appetizers to take back to your dorm with you. While you politely declined, and Connor told his mom to “shut up,” the dinner in general was quite the success. On the way out, Mrs. Goldspoon made sure to tell her server she was “really impressed” with the meal.


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