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Log Owner’s Mom Says he can Stay up 15 Minutes Later; Restaurant Now Open Until 8:15

Williams students are celebrating after local Spring Street favorite The Log has announced new extended hours on Saturdays.

We visited the restaurant on Wednesday after close to catch manager Tim Jones for an interview. Upon arrival, we met waitress Mary Forks who told us that Jones had already gone to bed. “It’s best to not go wake him up,” Forks said, checking her watch. “It’s 8:07 so it’s probably lights out by now.” We asked her what time Jones typically leaves the restaurant, to which she responded “since his bedtime is 8:00, his mom usually picks him up at 7:45 so he can get ready for bed in time to be tucked in by 8:00.” We thanked Ms. Forks for her time and made sure to plan our next interview accordingly.

At 7:30PM on Thursday evening, we caught up with Jones and also happened to be picking up a really normal amount of mozzarella sticks for one person. “I found out that a lot of the college students must have bedtimes past 8:00 one night when my mom was late picking me up from the restaurant,” said Jones, rubbing his eyes. “By the no-no words that the kids were saying, I figured that they were pretty upset about The Log closing at 8:00. So, I made the decision to ask my mom about The Log staying open later.”

We walked with Jones out to his mom’s 2010 Chrysler Town and Country minivan where he crawled into the back seat and immediately leaned the chair all the way back.

Mrs. Jones agreed to speak with us after we promised Tim that it would “only be a few minutes.” We asked her about her thought process on extending her son’s bedtime, “I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant when he first asked me about it, I mean we have bedtime for a reason” she said after turning down the volume of the Sirius XM 80s on 8 radio station. “But he pointed out that The Log is always making a profit and he hasn’t had a talk with HR in a long time, so I figured we could give it a try.” Mrs. Jones reported that she and her son had made a compromise with him promising to make his bed every morning and to empty the dishwasher twice a week. “He even offered to start bringing home pizzas with vegetables on them, he really wants to prove he’s a grown-up!” Mrs. Jones disclosed that she does not expect the new hours to last. “I know how grumpy he can get without a full night’s sleep, I have 47 years experience putting Timmy to bed every night––it’s actually going to be 48 years next week, be sure to wish him a happy birthday!” We promised her that we would. “I’m going to let him come to the conclusion that 8:15 is too late after he feels how tired he is at soccer practice on Sunday morning,” she continued. “Even though that’s the outcome I’m already expecting, it’s good for him at this age to start making some decisions on his own.”

With a loud yawn and a really big stretch of his arms, manager Tim Jones bade us goodnight through the backseat window. By Mrs. Jones’ request, we will conclude this article by announcing that Tim’s birthday party will be next Sunday, from 1-4 PM at the Williamstown Public Pool. She hopes to see you there.


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