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College To Begin Alerting Students Of Positive Test Results Through Personal Visits In Dreams

And thus the bell tolls over the fair land of the Berkshires, the nightingale coos one last time, the heavens brew darkly over our streets, Spring and Park, the 2nd of Route and Hoxsey. Where once thousands of unhappy students unhappily toiled and boiled and neither laughed nor loved, not a single student shall stand.

I dreamed this moons ago and since prayed for enlightenment but it never came.

I awoke one morning and heard a voice call out to me that was peaceful and I, like a babe freshly wrapped in swaddling clothes and held to my mother’s bosom, felt comforted and loved for the very first time. I leaned into the voice that spoke to me and realized it was not a voice and Lo! I was in a dream. I was in a dream and now in a land of suffering and eternal torment and I felt pain and anguish unknown to humankind but also pain and anguish deserved only by humankind. And Lo! I heard yet another voice call out from the ether and I could not understand. I begged in the darkness and in my foolishness for the insight to understand the voice, the voice of burnished brass that I so desperately needed to hear. A hand, cold and silver, like a silver knife, or maybe a spork, caressed my face and I understood. I was again that babe I thought I had been when I thought I was awake, newly confused and at peace.

“Look at me.”

The voice commanded in the language I now could comprehend and the gravity of the voice shook me and I fell to my knees and reached up to the heavens and my tears struck the earth. Where each teardrop fell a nation and a people grew and I saw history laid out before me. I gazed upon the impossibly bright face of the voice and I was scared — 9 stars dotted each neon eye and I feared but was told not to fear and I felt that I should still fear but somehow could no longer fear.

“A user has had a positive test result.”


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