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Op-ed: I still don’t know whether my class has a course packet

There are many assignments in an average Williams class. Some are essays. Some are mad minute math worksheets. Some are even where you go to WCMA and look at art. But also, many are reading from the course packet.

I am here today to tell you about the course packet, and everything I know about it so far. On February 26th, my professor told us that we should all read an article called, “Rock vs. Rock: Gem-i Hendrix,” and I didn’t see it anywhere on the GLOW. I thought maybe it was in a course packet that I never picked up, but no one else seemed like they had read it in class, so I thought maybe the professor forgot to put it on GLOW. It seemed I would have to do more investigating.

Then again, on March 14th, the professor said, “This next reading will be in your book.” Often, professors do not know proper terminology for course packets, even saying “pack” or “booklet” or “brick” when talking about them. However, the professor also may have been referring to our required reading from the book of essays, “300 Thinks, 200 Says,” but that book only had odd-numbered pages, so unless Caroline from class made a mistake citing page 24, it seemed unlikely that the reading was from that book. Still, it was possible.

It all seemed to come together on March 30th, when I went to the abandoned course packet building behind Paresky to do some digging. One of the side windows was left open, and the screen popped out easy enough. Someone left the combination to the safe on a sticky note under their desk, so I got into where they keep the course packets. I was digging through the old course packets from the past 10 years, all sorts of colors, pink, orange, light blue, and I got to the ones from this year. One of the course packets was wet. One was just a bunch of napkins stapled together. Then I thought I saw the one for my class, and I was ready to finally find out. But then it wasn’t for my class; it was for Leadership Studies 125.

Now, I am sitting here writing this with a reading due tomorrow that I can’t find. Maybe it is in a place on GLOW I haven’t looked. Files? Media Gallery? Discussions? What’s next? Maybe it is in one of the books I didn’t pick up from the bookstore. I went once and they didn’t have my books yet so I gave up forever. Maybe it’s in the course packet, if that exists. You might say, just message the class GroupMe. But put yourself in my shoes. It’s almost May. Can I really admit that I haven’t done any of my readings this late into the semester? We all know the answer is no.


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